Effective Instruction Framework Overview

The KPBSD refers to the inter-related system of instruction, evaluation, and professional development as our Effective Instruction Framework.  Within the framework lies the educator evaluation process known as our Effective Instruction System (for teachers) and Effective Leadership System (for administrators).  The team of professionals who lead professional development, coaching and mentoring for our district’s educators are known as Effective Instruction Coaches.

Documents that may be useful in understanding or implementing the E.I. System are linked below.


 Teacher Evaluation Continuous Growth System

 Teacher Evaluation Deadlines

 Calibration Conversation Guide
Calibration Conversation Guide w.checklist
Student Growth Map Form in PDF
SGM Presentation Protocol 
Assessment Quality Assurance
Student Growth Map Review Tool
Target Setting Comparison Spreadsheet
Exclusion Criteria
KPBSD EI Handbook 15-16