5/29/15 Notes

The E.I. Committee met on 5/29/15. During the meeting, the committee:

  • Analyzed data and survey results from SGM pilot participants and the annual E.I. process survey.
  • Reviewed the state requirements for educator evaluation systems.
  • Reviewed a draft of the E.I. System handbook.
  • Discussed the professional development needs related to the E.I. System for the 15-16 school year.
  • Planned meeting dates for the 15-16 school year.


A summary of the committee’s decisions and findings is as follows:

  • Survey responses included many comments about goal setting and collaboration. PD needs include a focus on goal setting, target setting, assessment literacy, using adopted assessments for target setting, and how to collaborate around assessments and assessment data.
  • The performance bands for the student learning data domain in pilot next year will remain the same as the performance bands used during the 2014-15 pilot.  The performance band is:
Unsatisfactory Basic Proficient Exemplary
Less than 64% of students met the target. 65-79% of students met the target. 80%-89% of students met the target. 90% of students met the goal.
  • The issue of whether or not to continue the Teacher Enrichment Pathway (TEP) option was discussed at length.  Since the TEP does not fulfill any of the state’s requirements and involves additional paperwork and meetings for both teachers and administrators, it was determined that continuing the TEP in addition to the new evaluation requirements was going to be overly burdensome in a time when extra time and energy are in short supply.
  • In accordance with AS 14.20.149 b(4), a tenured teacher who has exceeded the district’s performance standards for tenured teachers may be evaluated with a formal observation once every two school years.  A tenured teacher exceeds the district’s performance standard by achieving overall proficiency in all domains with at least one exemplary rating in any area.  Tenured teachers meeting this criteria may be designated by his or her site administrator for the alternate evaluation process, which allows the teacher to focus deeply on an SGM.
  • A team of teachers who are experienced in evaluating SGMs will be invited to receive an added duty stipend to evaluate SGMs from the 14-15 pilot and make any needed refinements to make an SGM an exemplar so teachers in the district will have a good bank of exemplars to draw from.


Questions regarding the information above may be directed to any member of the E.I. Committee or to Christine Ermold, the facilitator of the committee.

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