1/20/15 Notes

The following summary from the 1/20/15 Effective Instruction Committee Meeting has also been emailed to all SGM pilot participants and posted on the district’s Instruction Blog at http://instruction.blogs.kpbsd.k12.ak.us/wpmu/2015/01/29/effective-instruction-committee-update/

  • The committee determined that mid-course or mid-year modifications to strategies and action steps should be a routine part of the SGM process.
  • Modifications to the actual goal statement must be discussed with an educator’s evaluator and approved by district office.  This review procedure will be used to help monitor how often modifications to goals are needed and under what circumstances they appear to be warranted.  Data from these requests will be used to guide future decisions in this area.
  • The committee has not yet finalized guidance on exclusionary considerations- such as meeting a minimum attendance threshold. Guidance in this area is expected to finalized during the committee meeting on 2/19/15.
  • Following a review of information from our SGM pilot, and after many discussions and a review of current practices nationwide, the Effective Instruction Committee settled on the following rating system for the purpose of the SGM pilot.  The rating system will be reviewed at the end of May to determine if changes need to be considered for 2015-16.
Unsatisfactory Basic Proficient Distinguished/ Exemplary
Less than 50% met growth goal 50-69.9% met growth goal 70-89.9% met growth goal 90-100% met growth goal


Please don’t hesitate to contact me, or any member of the E.I. Committee with questions.

Christine Ermold, Ed.D.

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